Let's fix Canadian journalism, together. 

This'll be easy. (The survey, I mean. Not that.)
Before you start, do you want to know more about what this is for, and who made it?

Alright! This survey is meant to gauge interest in and help shape a new initiative that'd get serious about fixing the Canadian media industry's biggest problems, as those who care about it, like you, see them.

As for me: I'm David Topping, and I've been a journalist of one sort or another for the last ten years, including for such fine publications as Toronto Life, The Grid, and Torontoist. This survey is independent, though, which means I'm the only one who'll see any results. (I may publish summary data from it, but never anything that could give away the identities of those taking part.)

If you have any other questions, please email me, at david@tktk.ca, or find me on Twitter, where I'm @dtopping.

What's missing most in Canadian journalism right now?

Score each of these out of five—the higher the score, the bigger the problem.








Do you consider yourself a journalist, or otherwise work in the media?

How close is what you're doing to what you want to be doing in journalism?

Is helping those with less experience than you working in the media something you'd like to do more of?

Is there something journalism-y you've recently had an idea for and really wanted to create but haven't been able to?

That something could be a project, an app, a podcast, any other kind of product, or a whole new media empire.
Do you have access to piles of money, either personally or professionally, that could go to help funding one or more of the next big things in Canadian journalism?

Small piles count.

Would you want to be part of something that would try to fix some of the problems in Canadian journalism today?

Is that something you'd ever pay a modest membership fee for to help make possible?

Let's assume that no one who wants in would ever have to pay. But if you feel you could, would you?
Thanks for doing all that. Now, just a few last things about you.

This section's between us: I won't share any individual or otherwise identifiable answers here, or how they correspond to what you answered above, with anyone for any reason ever.
What, in just a few words, do you do now?

And not your job title. If it helps, pretend you ran into your favourite elementary school teacher and had to explain it to them in, like, ten seconds.
What's your name?

You don't have to tell me, but you've come this far, right?
Which of these describe you?

Where on the political spectrum would you say your beliefs fall?

What best characterizes the kind of place you live?

If you live somewhere but commute to somewhere else, please select where you work instead here.

Does that mean you're in—or can easily get to—Toronto?

Is there anything else you'd like to add before you're done here?

If not, that's fine. But maybe there's something all these questions have made you want to get off your chest.
Thank you! If you've given me your email address, you'll hear from me again soon. If you have any questions, please email me at david@tktk.ca, or find me on Twitter, where I'm @dtopping.

One last thing: the more people who take this survey, the better, so now that you're done, please tell your friends:
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